Your digital strategy and implementation from one provider


Your digital strategy and implementation from one provider

How we will help you to

become more successful!

Your existing sales channels are seamlessly integrated into the digital future

You are addressing new customers online by using proven sales strategies

You are acquireing new customers and increase your brand awareness & success

Your journey to

more sales!

1. Analyse

We analyze together where you currently stand and how we can support you in the best way.

2. Strategy development

To achieve your goals we are developing the individually suitable digital strategy.

3. Implementation

Our experts are implementing the customized strategies according to your needs.

4. Evaluation & Scaling

We are continuously optimizing your digital strategy in real time. The result: Even more success.

5. Achieving success

You are achieveing your unique goals and become ready for the future of the digital world.

To your individual questions,

we find the right anwers!

1. How well is my company currently positioned  in the digital world?

2. What is the appropriate holistic digital strategy fitting to my company?

3. Which online channels do I need to be active on in order to achieve growth?

4. How does a meaningful and successful social media strategy look like for my company?

5. What are the right texts, images and videos that I should use to communicate?

6. How do I reach my target group in the market regularly and successfully?

In short: How do I achieve through online marketing MORE CUSTOMERS, MORE SALES & MORE SUCCESS?

A selection of

our techniques!

Conversion Optimierung like swiss clockworks

Optimize your offers according to the needs of your customers. Through the recurring process “hypothesis, test, adaptation” we optimize the usability and the conveyed message until everything works together like in swiss clockworks.

Content And Storytelling Like Steven Spielberg

Excite your customers like a blockbuster movie. The right  customer approach put into high-quality content, like text, images and video, leads to a high reach and many contacts with your target group. Your potential customers will become real, loyal customers.

Websites & Landingpages Like coming home

Your website is the most important flagship of your company. On a user-friendly and informative website, your customer feels like they are coming home. Paired with landing pages optimized for customer acquisition, this is the core of your digital strategy.


To help you reach your customers and exploit your full potential, we work like precision lasers: Creative ads that are placed and targeted in the right way generate prospects who visit your website and landing pages.

Data Analysis Like Albert Einstein

Do you know your customers as well as your own children? Through targeted data collection and data analysis, just like Albert Einstein once did, you will receive the information about your customers that you need to get sales and become even more successful.

EMail-Marketing Like Love letters

Successful email marketing works like sensitively written love letters: they reach the customer on an emotional level and touch him or her. Email contact and newsletters are ideal for both new customer acquisition and customer loyalty.

Retargeting like tracking dogs

Never lose the track of a potential customer. A clever retargeting system efficiently addresses customers who have already shown interest. In that way, you automatically generate the necessary number of contacts until the sale is closed.


Like a loving mother, you should always have an open ear for the needs of your customers. With a clever social media strategy on the right platforms, you can retain customers and always have an open ear for the market.


No one remembers the runner-up! The pole position is what counts! This is the only way you will be found by potential customers. By using the right SEO & SEA strategies you will always appear at the top of the search if someone has a problem that you can solve.

These companies trust us

Our references

“Through search engine advertising and ads on the business networks, AGEMAS Digital helped us to significantly increase the number of visitors at our trade fair.

Rolf Janka

CEO, Werbemittel Hagemann

“AGEMAS Digital has helped us to generate new customers online, to sustainably improve the order situation and to strengthen our position against the competition.

Werner Stoll

CEO, Aufzugtechnik Stoll & Söhne

“AGEMAS Digital has supported me with a well thought-out content strategy and professional online marketing to win customers for my product”.

Andreas Feil

CEO, CherryTee

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